Food Hamper Outreach

Since the Food Hamper Project started in 2012, it has gone from just providing food to needy families to including toiletries, hygiene products, clothing, bedding and small items of furniture.  We have made contact with other churches in Dukinfield and surrounding areas and are grateful for their donations.  We also wish to thank local schools for their harvest donations.   We are always grateful for  donations of money or food to complete our hampers – items such as cordials, tea, coffee, sugar, cereals, jams and tinned goods are requested, but please, no fresh produce. 

We are informed of a family in need by Social Services who give us the bare minimum information, just the size of the family and the ages of the children.  We aim to provide about 3 days’ food for these families and we do know that some families are helped regularly.  We have no knowledge of the identity of the people who receive our goods.  We just would like them to know that the donations come to them with the love of God.

Without support from the food bank from the church, I would have struggled a lot this year.  I have been able to sort my money out without having to worry about paying for shopping.  It has helped me balance my money when I have needed to.  I am so thankful for the support from the Moravian Church food bank.

This is a non-profit making venture and 100% of all funds raised goes back into the hamper scheme.  If you have any spare time, we are always looking for volunteers for occasional fund-raising events and you would be most welcome.

Alternatively, please help us to fill our Gift Stall by providing us with any unwanted presents, such as toys, games, children’s books, jewellery, cosmetics etc.  We also pass on good quality children’s clothes, towels, bedding and nursery items.

Last Christmas, we supplied 25 families with a Christmas Hamper but our work goes on every week during the year. 

The food bank has helped me so much in the past 12 months, when I have had issues with my benefits.  Chris brings the food hamper to me that I know he collects from the church.  It is a massive help because with the other food parcel vouchers, I can only get so many a year.