The original site of the Moravian Church in Dukinfield was on Old Road. There were, in fact, three churches on the land, the first being built in 1751, and the last in 1860. Across the road was also a Sunday School building which acted as the local junior school.

Sunday School and Junior School opened 6th April 1853. Closed 1973

Our move to Yew Tree Lane

In 1956, a letter was sent from the local council to all the Dukinfield churches, offering a disused farmhouse at the bottom of Yew Tree Lane to be used as a Sunday School and Youth Centre.

A new housing estate was springing up in the Yew Tree Lane area and, after discussion, the church committee and minister, Br Tom McQuillan took up the offer. The Sunday School started in February 1957 and was an immediate success with 119 people attending the first service. The farmhouse was eventually replaced by a disused army hut in 1959.

By 1968, there were two Moravian churches in Dukinfield but dry rot found on the Old Road site forced the decision to move entirely to Yew Tree Lane. There then followed 5 years of labour by the men and women of the congregation who physically built the church we find today. The pictures below show the building in the process of being completed and some of the men who undertook the task.

In recent years, in an attempt to make the church accessible for all, we have removed the pews, made a small meeting room at the back of the church and have carpeted the whole area.  This is now an easier space to hold our Christmas Fayre, our Dementia Warriors Café and concerts and other visiting musicians.  The downstairs room has benefitted from built in cupboards to store the belongings of the various groups who meet during the week.

Our Church Family Garden is a fairly recent addition, having been part of the old Manse garden.  When the house was sold, we acquired this land and utilised the cobblestones that were found in the ground.  These were from the old farmyard.  We now have a wonderful garden that is used for our Summer Fayre and for occasions when the weather is fit.  People have donated benches in memory of their families who are with us no longer and a small memorial garden, for the scattering of ashes is included. 

Whit Sunday & Latterly Sunday Walk of Witness