Church News – May 2024

Thoughts for the month of May

May is a busy month for Christian’s as we have Ascension Thursday followed by Pentecost or Whitsunday when the local congregations gather together and celebrate that wonderful time when Christ sends the Holy Spirit on the disciples and tongues of fire come down on their heads. They change from being scared in a locked room to speaking publicly in different languages sharing their love of Christ.

Following this we have Trinity Sunday focusing on the three in one Father, Son and Holy Spirit. As Moravians we are prone to focus more closely on the Father and Son and less on the Holy Spirit, we are not usually charismatic, in the British Province we don’t lift our hands in the air when we sing we don’t speak in tongues and we like our traditional liturgies, so people from other denominations observe us and say where is the Holy Spirit in your congregations?

Thinking about this, of course the Holy Spirit is here as we would have no ministers, lay preaches and church workers, we quietly accept the Trinity we don’t shout it from the roof tops, I feel called by God to be a minister and He equips me every day to serve you and this only happens through the power of the Holy Spirit. People looking in might not see us reacting to the movement of the Holy Spirit in the same way as they do but we as Moravians embrace the Holy Spirit in a quiet, gentle and humble way sharing our faith and love of God with those around us subtlety. I am not saying we are right and they are wrong, Charismatic churches are very popular and full often of young people finding and discovering their faith. There is room for all different denominations and there are enough Churches out there so there will be one to suit everyone’s taste in worship. Being third generation Moravian and growing up in the church I will continue quietly to enjoy the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

God bless Patsy     

The flame of the Holy Spirit



Following on from Patsy’s comments in her Thought for the Month, it is good to note that the Whitsunday celebration will again be held at Old Chapel Church on Sunday 19th May at 10.30 a.m.  Whilst the day is not what it used to be in years past, when all the churches used to congregate on the Town Hall front and bands would play and the banners would be carried through the streets, we still need to celebrate Pentecost and what it means—it is the birthday of the Christian Church.    So please come along if you can.


It is always lovely to hear the news we have at Dukinfield and spread it wider as Christians and congregation members.  With this in mind, a reminder that Penny Weir is our representative for the Moravian Messenger and it would be great to blow Dukinfield’s trumpet in this forum.  Please can anyone with ideas or photo’s please let Penny know on and she is happy to work with this info to build articles for inclusion?  

Please remember the sisters who will be travelling to Northern Ireland on 3rd May for the M.W.A. Irish Retreat at Drumalis in Larne. 

Children’s exam papers – just for fun

What is a nitrate?    Cheaper than a day rate.

What was Sir Walter Raleigh famous for?    He is a noted figure in history because he invented cigarettes and started a craze for bicycles.

What did Mahatma Gandhi and Genghis Khan have in common?   Unusual names.

Name one of the early Romans’ greatest achievements.  Learning to speak Latin.

Name six animals which live specifically in the Artic.  Two polar bears. Four seals.

How does Romeo’s character develop throughout the play?  It doesn’t, it’s just self, self, self, all the way through.

Name the wife of Orpheus, whom he attempted to save from the underworld.     Mrs Orpheus.

Where was Hadrian’s Wall built?  Around Hadrian’s garden.

The race of people known as Malays come from which country?  Malaria.

Prayer for May 2024

Dear Lord,

May, the loveliest of months – and this year, as we welcome the blossom and the beauty of late Spring, we also welcome Your Holy Spirit afresh, as we celebrate Pentecost.

May we open our hearts to receive Your Spirit, as Your people did on that first Day of Pentecost.

May we be filled and empowered and emboldened to witness to Your goodness and love. 

May we be transformed by Him and reflect Your transforming grace to the broken world in which we live.

May people who meet us ask, “What does this mean?”

May they turn to You and hear You speaking in ways they can understand.

Without Your Holy Spirit we can do nothing. With Him living in us, we can do all things.

Come Holy Spirit, come to us, we pray,

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.       By Daphne Kitching