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Sondors specs

sondors specs With massive 4” tires, a suspension fork, and plenty of power, the Sinch is super comfortable electric folding bike and handles like a dream to ride on all terrain types. The frame of the Sondors MXS is made of ultra-resistant aluminium. The outstanding feature is the battery’s sleekness. A machine built to remove barriers, to move mountains. 139. New slim shark style Case Battery with power button 3. Dec 14, 2017 · The Model Sondors has single-wheel all-electric drive, with the rear tire making its move by way of an in-hub motor system and lithium-ion battery pack. Started by paxtana, 02-21 Production model has: A/C, heat, power windows, power door locks, airbags, and much more. SONDORS X offers SONDORS lovers and eBike enthusiasts everywhere unrivaled torque, extended range, extreme towing capacity, and unprecedented hill-climbing power, like never before. - 28+ mph top speed. May 27, 2017 · Sondors Electric Car Company has listed another crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine - this time targeting accredited investors under Reg D 506c (Title II of the JOBS Act). Permits bicycles with "non-standard" frames to be carried on a hanging-type bike carrier. Retail for the bike is $1699 Specifications: Motor: 750 WATT Controller: 20 AMP Battery: 48V 14Ah Lithium-ion battery with Panasonic® cells Range: 40-60 miles* Speed: Up to 20 mph Charging: Includes 3A Smart Charger Included Throttle: 100% electric ride 25A -This 25A controller is a plug and play* upgrade to increase the acceleration and hill climbing ability of your Sondors ebike. Sondors first burst onto the scene again in 2015 with low power $500+, budget-minded e-bikes. This electric bike features pedal with seven speed manual or pedal assist… Reaching 19 mph. The Model Sondors electric car is part motorbike, part car. BLACK MODEL. The electric bike from Storm Sondors. Bafang 750 watt Motor Aug 01, 2017 · Sondors Thin bottom bracket specs. Spring 2021 DELIVERY Electrical Color KT-LCD8H display with USB port. Pay the remaining balance. Sondors $1,100. Save big w/ (2) verified Sondors coupon codes, storewide deals & Sondors price drops at Amazon. With dual suspension, a very big battery and a powerful Bafang Ultra mid-drive motor, the Rockstar still A few weeks ago, I had a chance to test ride the new SONDORS XS. Rattan Ebike Store is a online store that sells electric bike, including electric bike, electric fat bike, electric mountain bike. electric car to be designated as “Model Sondors”, which the Company intends to market and sell worldwide. Has about 1250 watts. 5" x 3. So I purchased a Sondors Thin about a month ago, and am already looking to upgrade parts on it! Jul 12, 2019 · Storm Sondors is raising funds for Sondors Electric Bike - Most Affordable eBike. Its weight, along with the rest of the elements, such as the battery and the other components, is 29. call 8am-8pm pst (323) 372-3000 or email us. The moped is available in three styles: Cafe, Retro and Scrambler. Key Facts. Manufacturer/Model: Samsung cells, model number 10S4P-1CR18650-22P Composition: Lithium-Ion Nominal voltage: 36 V Energy: 316. 4. Shoppers saved an average of $100+ w/ Sondors. SONDORS Rockstar is a top class flow machine, perfect for charging that climb you used to Mid-Drive. Oct 12, 2016 · Buoyed by that success, Mr. Sporting mini-bike and scrambler styling reminiscent of many 1980’s mopeds, the SONDORS MadMod e-bikes will feature full suspension frames with a telescopic fork up front and dual rear coilover shocks in the rear. com Assembly instructions for Fender, Rack + Bag Kit - SONDORS Fold, SONDORS Fold X, and SONDORS Fold XS - 2019 SONDORS Thin — purchased new August 2019 Specifications: Motor: 350 WATT Controllor 15 AMP Battery: 36V 10. upgraded from 15 to 20amp controller. Specifications. Only ridden 98 Miles! for sale in Pocatello, ID on KSL Classifieds. Oct 11, 2018 · SONDERS is aiming to build a three-seater, three-wheeled, fully enclosed electric vehicle priced as low as $10,000, with three different models offering a 50, 100, or 200 mile range. SONDORS Fold is here. Shop the RadRover 5 electric bike at Rad Power Bikes, the makers of best-in-class electric bikes for all types of different riders and applications. The Amazon description says its capacity is 45 pounds (lower than the Sondors's 60 pounds), but Sondors owner Jonathan Kalman hs posted a picture of it being used successfully already. 5Ah Li-ion battery with Panasonic® cells · Range40-60 miles* · SpeedUp to 20  Depending on the rider, towing weight, wind speed, and terrain, the battery with pedal assist can last up to 20 to 60 miles, depending on the model of SONDORS   North America X XS SMART STEP FOLD X FOLD XS MXS MODEL SPECS Learn More Learn More Learn More Learn More Learn More Learn More Price  The best electric bike designs, quality, and prices you'll find anywhere. Must be rode on private land or registered etc. Watch as the SONDORS Fold XS takes Tyson of Electric Bike Review for a spin 🤩 Come take a virtual test ride with Tyson, and see what makes this foldable SONDORS rockstar reign supreme. I like the price point on the Sondors, but the big 750w motor on the RR is very tempting. Equipped with USB port can charge Cell Phone, Speakers & run headlights 2. Motor surging can be caused by a few different issues: Mechanical Misalignment. 50 comments. On April 13, 2019 I met with a group of Southern California SONDORS owners for test ride of the SONDORS MXS. Jul 27, 2015 - Sondors eBike News. Ride, pedal assist or straight up throttle. 4 million on StartEngine so far. Accelerate beyond your expectations with a simple press of the thumb throttle. (NOTE: All above sizes and specs are approximate Jun 24, 2020 · The new Sondors Rockstar, Sondors LX and Sondors Cruiser appear to feature the famed Bafang M620 mid-drive motor, also known as the Bafang Ultra, which is known to put out more than 1,500W of power and a stump-pulling 160Nm of torque. rear bafang planetary geared hub motor. I whittled my first major purchase down to either the Sondors Thin or the Rad Rover. Tektro E-brakes Working with Italian designers, SONDORS aims to design and developed timeless and beautiful cars. May 05, 2017 · The Sondors Fold base model is very similar in running gear specs to the previous Sondors bikes: 350 watt geared hub motor, 36 volt/8. The upgrades available are a bigger battery (36 volt/17. The overall weight will be just 1,800 pounds. 18 Dec 2017 I can't really verify those specs at this early stage as they're still goals, but I can speak to the feel of the prototype. Here we go. This Offering. Sondors is now busy with its second round fundraising to develop a production-spec car by taking pre-order reservations for $100. Glide into the next dimension on 750 watts of raw power, or practice self control with five levels of electric pedal assist and the use of the signature series 7 Mar 03, 2020 · Sondors Electric Car Company has raised $449,000 on StartEngine under Reg CF. Sondor's MadMods e-scrambler is Sondors MadMods e- bike. Once we reach the production phase, this innovative three-seat, three-wheel, all-electric vehicle is anticipated to start at just $10,000. Aug 19, 2020 · Sondors Cruiser. Just as EM will have options on everything except their manual transmission base model. Buy mine today for only $1545 and save yourself $500 plus you get the bike today. Three wheeled electric vehicle. Less than a year later, the Model SONDORS is a reality. Range40-60 miles* Speeds top out between 20 mph on the flat and 23 downhill. May 31, 2018 · Sondors Electric Car Company SONOORS ANNUAL REPORT 23823 Malibu Road, Suite 50 #129 Malibu, CA. High torque 500 watt motor Aluminum Frame Max Speed 18mph 48v/12. Sondors Promo Codes & Coupons, December 2020. I happily run errands  10 Jul 2017 Are you ready to upgrade or replace your Sondors e-bike battery? Let EMP set you up with a higher power battery pack so you can have more  【ポイント15倍】【送料無料】。スチール書庫 OFR35W-21S 引戸書庫 ホワイト 幅900mm 奥行350mm 高さ2100mm,スチール書庫 OFR35W-21S iPhone . Tubes: Schrader valve. Apr 24, 2015 · “Storm knows what he owes us, but he refuses to pay,” said Agency 2. Needless to say, I plan on upgrading. 2 seconds and a weight of Same specifications as original motor This is a brand new motor designed to drop in and replace a burned out Sondors motor. 9-inch wide 35A Sondors Motor Controller for 750 watt Motors - FREE SHIPPING $ 109. For the price, the specs seem pretty good compared to Super 73 S1 @ $1800. Further Specifications Cadence (Pulses/Cycle) 6/1 Reduction Ratio 1:5 Magnet Poles 20 Noise <55 dB Hall Sensor optional Connector optional Tests & Certifications IP-Code IP 65 Compliance ROHS Label CE Battery Edit. It is a fraction of other purchasable ebikes and This is "SONDORS MXS: Basic Assembly Instructions" by SONDORS on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. Speed Up to 20 mph 20 Oct 2020 But it's not even out yet, so do consider Sondors before you grab your Sure it might not seem very light, but this bike has such a weight for a  27 Apr 2018 for further range, and various exterior body aesthetic add-ons. AVAILABLE IN WHITE OR BLACK MATTE. Congratulations on your Sondors electric bike purchase and thanks very much for helping bring this exciting eBike to the market. [Source: Philip Hillis, Sondors Storm Owners Group, Facebook] Front wheel contacts toes/pedals when turning Front fork was turned backwards when the handlebars were installed. With the greatest performance, power, and adaptability of any model in the SONDORS lineup, MXS is designed to invite riders to push the limits of what’s possible. Jan 30, 2018 · The entry-level Model Sondors will have a claimed 75 miles (120km) of range, whereas the mid-range version will be able to travel for up to 150 miles (240km) in between charges. Inspired by the video game Gran Turismo, the firm worked with Italian to develop a shape that references the language of Ferrari. Started by paxtana, 06-24-2017, 01 Sondors Bottom Bracket specs by paxtana. Overview of Sondors latest ebike on the market the MXS. Oct 06, 2016 · Currently everything SONDORs is "anticipated" with the exception of the untested rear wheel drive marketing prototype. I hear many complain about not having suspension forks but I totally support Sondors decision here. Join us and enjoy the ride! See full list on outdoorgearlab. Feb 04, 2019 · model SONDORS is a three-wheeled electric car that costs just $10,000 USD and could be on the streets as soon as this year. I would be surprised if an ebiker today said they didn’t know who Sondors is, but…just in case, let me cover the basics first. This is the second offering listed on StartEngine and Sondors has around $1. Jul 15, 2020 · Each of these 11 bikes—including city, urban, folding, and models that top out at 28 mph—costs $1,600 or less. BUSINESS Sondors Electric Car Company (the "Company," "Sondors," "us," or "our") was incorporated in Delaware on August 15, 2016 ("Inception"). He raised a combined $12 million. And we're off to an epic start! In five years SONDORS put 50,000 new bike riders on the road. 5Ah Li-ion battery nearly doubles your range, and when paired with a 500 watt motor, it offers extreme torque, towing capacity and hill-climbing power. Of course they wouldn't stand up to any real riding but the price was right and got a following of rabid fans. 6ah battery on the Sondors really turns me off. in stock menu toggle. Only 400 miles on this battery and bike. Aug 16, 2015 · A virtually silent motor, one that delivers a glorious zero-to-20 kick in the pants. Oct 06, 2020 · The company announced the new Sondors MadMods lineup and revealed the early specifications for the electric mopeds. The suit alleges that Sondors and his e-bike company wrote bad checks totaling $160,000, and failed May 04, 2017 · Just a little over a year after securing $1. SONDORS Step. Aug 20, 2015 · The Sondors Ebike. upgrade to twist throttle. The base model with a 75 mile range starts at $10,000. Sondors Smart Step - Step Through Folding Electric Bike. 2. 5Ah Li-ion battery with Panasonic® cells. Anticipated retail price starting at $10,000. It's been a bumpy ride for the Sondors ebike campaign, which was criticized for making technical claims that fell short, for continually changing specs on the final product and shipping delays. Last year, it was the second most successful crowdfunding on Indiegogo. 20" Fat Trike 20" x 3" fat tires, CST brand. ly/3byGqVi = = = = = = = Let's chat! You've got questions; we've got answers! If you buy it from Sondors you pay $1699 plus $199 for rack, fenders, and custom bag pus $147 tax so it´s $2045 out the door plus you have to wait a few weeks to get it once you order it. A hard tail electric mountain bike with front suspension and plenty of power. ” And founder Storm  Features, specifications, price, picture gallery and reviews of SONDORS Rockstar Bicycle. SONDORS Electric Car Company concluded its most recent offering on April 28, 2020 with $569,413 raised from 761 investors. 1. Dimensions. Sondors EV is sold online and delivered to customers. SONDORS Rockstar. It seems tweaking and pre-production vehicle builds would follow, parts sourcing, and tooling for production ramp, whether in the USA or China by 2019 seems unlikely for any new startup to get a vehicle to production in that short time frame to include SONDORs. Does your Sondors Ebike need more power? No problem! This video is a bit longer than usual, but it's a complete step by step guide on upgrading your 350 watt Aug 03, 2020 · The Model Sondors EV is a three-wheel electric car with a starting price of just over $10,000. View a wide selection of Electric Bikes and other great items on KSL Classifieds. Jun 22, 2020 · Sondors has released the details on three new electric bikes for 2020 – the Sondors Rockstar, Sondors Cruiser, and Sondors LX. 5" Feb 12, 2020 · The original Sondors crowd funding $500 e-fad bike was a huge success and I didn't believe he could produce them but ultimately did. Frame Type. In good working condition with a Sondors 48V battery. Sondors email newsletter codes, military, senior, first responder discounts. 0 COO Jonathan Chaupin. An additional ~$500,000 in funding will be required in orde By summers end we may see the first Model SONDORS prototype. We recommend doing an inspection on all your mech SONDORS XSSpecifications Load Capacity300 lbs; *All range estimates are contingent upon rider and towing weight, riding style, wind speed and terrain. Motorcycle-inspired, with fully customizable configurations, boasting 750 watts of raw power paired with our largest Sondors Fold X has a 48V 14 Ah battery, that nearly doubles the range of its predecessor the original Sondors Fold. 53 lbs. Malibu-based ebike manufacturer Sondors has released its new Rockstar enduro machine. Our current prototype places the battery in front, where a typical car would have its engine (also a large Nov 02, 2020 · Super capable and built to shred hard with an ultra durable aluminum frame, snappy, efficient AirShock front suspension, disc brakes, easy-shifting drivetrain, grippy Maxxis® tires and so much more. Keywords Video on Luna fender installation for Sondors by paxtana. sondors x; sondors xs; sondors fold x; sondors fold xs Oct 15, 2020 · SONDORS has commented on the autonomy of the MadMods electric bikes, but they have revealed that it will contain a 48 V / 21 Ah battery. 9 Nov 2020 Sondors MadMods. save hide report. Look at that low saddle height. 36v 8Ah 350 watt-hour battery. The size of tires and seat height seem ideal. We have options to fit any budget, with various lithium ion cylindrical or polymer pouch cells. We’ve made improvements to the tires, display, and gearing, to solidify the 500 series as the best all-around value performer of 2020. I don't think there will be many 50-mile Sondors sold Pre-orders start soon and there will be 100 and 200 mile range options. - Starting at $1,499. Battery48V 17. 16 Aug 2015 The company behind the Sondors eBike has finally started shipping its variances in speed, rider weight, pedal assistance, and other factors. Save at least $800 off the retail price and gain exclusive membership to Sondors Owners' Club. Electric Fat Bike. How much does the battery weigh? The standard battery weighs approximately 6lbs. Dec 23, 2020 · 281 Sonder reviews. The bike ridden was a preproduction prototype an It all began for SONDORS in February 2015, with the launch of SONDORS Original attracting worldwide attention through one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns… Choosing a SONDORS electric bike . Very few electric bicycles offer battery packs this large. aftermarket LCD control for 0 assist up to level 5 pedal assist monitors temps/distance/speed/PAS level. It is easily proven that the prototype electric bike is “souped up”. It is in excellent condition. Ever. Jun 24, 2020 · The new Sondors Rockstar, Sondors LX and Sondors Cruiser appear to feature the famed Bafang M620 mid-drive motor, also known as the Bafang Ultra, which is known to put out more than 1,500W of power and a stump-pulling 160Nm of torque.  By changing to this controller, maximum power is increased to 900 watts with a stock battery, or 1200 watts with a 48v battery. The Sondors Cruiser is the polar opposite of the Sondors Rockstar, at least in terms of frame design. The Scrambler version can be used off-road. com site-wide codes, 25% off vouchers, free shipping codes. I wonder what the length is. If you drop that all the way down, you could fit a really short rider on here and you know, raise it up a bit more to fit somebody taller the nice upright seating position. Not all tubes are equal, Transmitter uses tube walls of different thicknesses to get material where it is needed and save weight where it isn't. 99 Sold Out $ 119. This is "SONDORS MXS: Adjusting SONDORS AirShocks" by SONDORS on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. To complete your purchase please follow these steps: 1. It´s in immaculate condition. All three feature mid-drive motors which usually place a bike well above the $2000 price point so it’s something to take notice of when a bike company offers so much for much less than the competition. 00 with the changes but still a solid value. SONDORS has launched a Regulation A+ offering The Aventon Pace 500 E-Bike will have you climbing hills with ease and cruising along without breaking a sweat on comfortable fat tires. 8 Wh Jun 23, 2020 · Sondors Rockstar full suspension e-bike The Sondors Rockstar features full suspension with 150 mm of rear travel, though the company hasn’t indicated any specifics regarding the exact suspension North America X XS SMART STEP FOLD X FOLD XS MXS MODEL SPECS Learn More Learn More Learn More Electric Bikes Specs Generally, most e-bikes have multiple settings that determine the propulsion the bike gets from the electric motor during your journey. Based off the same tech they’ve been developing for years with their electric commuter bikes, MadMods incorporates a 750 Watt motor good for a 40-60 mile range and up to 28mph top speed into a We are proud to announce that the pre-series vehicle is officially in development — and it has been for quite some time. The prototype demo was organized as multiple questions, along side a damning review on Yahoo SONDORS intends to release our vehicle with a 300+ mile average range. The Sondors Electric Bike features a digital readout to see how much distance you've got left to ride and, should the power run out, you can always ride the traditional way using the pedals. Weight. Condition is New. SONDORS intends to release our vehicle with a 300+ mile average range. See more ideas about sondors ebike, ebike, social media marketing tools. The Sondors MadMod lineup will start at just $1,499, with a deposit of $299 for booking which will be launched estimated in March 2021. Here are the specs from Sondors: Motor 750 WATT Sondors proprietary, lithium-ion battery and all-aluminum frame, and included front suspension make thin the perfect mode of transportatio. The MadMods will feature 750W rear hub motors and 4 fat tires which fits the general electric moped/mini-bike trend we’re currently witnessing. 00 Sondors X Electric Fat tire bike. Sondors 7-Speed F/R Disc Folding E-BikeSKU#214734D Shipping is not available for this item. PICK UP TORONTO ONLY. Home of the award-winning SONDORS Electric Bike. It’s in immaculate condition. PLEASE NOTE: If you are not familiar with assembling bicycles then it is strongly recommended that you take your Sondors electric bike to a local bike shop. Much change happens in the process of getting a vehicle to production. by Ashley Esqueda December 18, 2017 12:15 PM PST The Sondors EV is a three-wheeled, crowdfunded prototype from the Malibu-based company of the same name. Rockstar. Bike details include a high-step 18-inch frame, a rigid steel fork, a single-speed drivetrain, mechanical disc brakes, 26-inch wheels, and 4. Dec 01, 2020 · Introducing SONDORS MXS, the electric mountain bike SONDORS lovers have been longing for. See more ideas about social media marketing tools, pinterest management tools, social media marketing. The second version, Sondors THIN, costs only US$499. 90265 (310) 991-5986 www. The most anticipated electric bike ever is currently available in extremely limited quantities at 2017 prices. Sondors XS Special edition (Graphite) Specs and details in comments. Condition is excellent. Our tools include a mobile app, charging cost calculator and EV selector. BRAND NEW, NEVER USED. If you can read a specification sheet and make comparisons with other products (Sondors makes this tougher by writing their specs in ad copy but they are there), the Sondors "X" models are taking square aim at higher end competitors in the ebike marketplace. I’ll install rack, bag and fenders if you want me to. COMES WITH REAR BIKE RACK, BAG AND FENDERS! Black bike. Aug 12, 2020 · Don’t go by the render, the specs have changed since then. It operates both by a thumb throttle and pedal assist. Neither one of those options is bad, but few companies can pull off the combo as stylishly as what Sondors did with their new MadMods Customizable Mopeds. Motor Nov 30, 2020 · SONDORS has out-done it again - unthinkable performance with the true overachiever of the SONDORS lineup. Colors. </p><p>Sondors X Fold Ebike. This is a Sondors X (Fat Tire) 4. The sleekest electric bike ever is completely sold out, and will not be offered again in 2020. It's still looking for crowdfunding to get a production model up and running, but this is the company's first working prototype. You can’t pull a fast o Apr 08, 2015 · The 20-MPH top speed is far-fetched, given the 350 watt power system. Charge with regular 110V or 240V (2X charge) Weight: 1,800 pounds. That dream Sep 13, 2020 · Model: Sondors X - 500 Watt motor, 40-60 mile range on one charge, Fat tires, only used for 475 miles, Carrier rack, Seat post suspension, seat pad, lights, mirrors, lock, alarm, helmet. Common Stock outstanding before the Offering The moped has a 750 watt electric motor in the rear wheel for a top speed of 31 mph. Charge with your regular 110V or 240V. I rode the Sondors Ebike with the throttle pegged down and my first reaction was "Wow! This bike doesn't totally suck". 7 lbs · Standover Height29. Nov 14, 2018 · Now it's time finalize your SONDORS XS order and pay your remaining balance of $1,199. Oct 06, 2016 · That's what legit companies still do today. You can easily traverse hills, travel long distances, avoid traffic delays, and save money on gas and parking fees. Location: Pullman; Price: $875; Read more Electric Bike Sponsored Link Jul 21, 2020 · Later on, in 2019, Sondors decided to finally go into electric cars. Summary The second fat bike from Sondors crowd funded through Kickstarter, offers slightly narrower rims and tires at 4" vs. MadMods specs. Controllor20 AMP. Sondors has announced that they are coming put with a new aluminum-frame model, and this one not only has fat tires on a smaller 20-inch rim…it folds. Turn front fork forward and reinstall handlebars. My solely two caveats are that we nonetheless haven’t seen any actual photographs of the Sondors Elite lineup and that Sondors is fairly mum on element specs. The 750watt Rad Rover has our 500Watt motor because the manufacture wanted to complete with out Sondors 750Watt bike although his labeled 750 is actually a 500 and his Rad cost more. Sold online and delivered directly to customers. The pricing can also be fairly nuts. main menu. Now’s the time to get in on the electric fun. Dec 18, 2017 · Color us intrigued. Range 40-60 miles. 5" · Front Suspension ForkIncluded · Load Capacity300 lbs · *All range   SONDORS MXSSpecifications · Motor750 Watt · Controllor25 Amp · Battery48V 17. Motor 750 WATT Controller 20 AMP Battery 48V 14Ah Lithium-ion battery with Panasonic cells. 9" New upgrades including three color choices, an optional larger capacity battery pack for greater range and optional suspension fork Dec 18, 2017 · There are some reasonable goals for the base production model in the way of hard specs: a starting range of 75-100 miles per charge using a 33-kWh battery, 0-60 mph in 6. The logos and the styling make it look like the latest incarnation of the Batmobile, and it rides like a tank over most everything in its path. Feb 05, 2019 · Specs are a little vague, but Sondors says 170 horsepower will push the 1,800-pound car to 60 mph in 5-8 seconds. I think many ebike manufacturers at the “more affordable” end of the scale have not realized how much this central case appeals to the average customer. Posted by 3 days ago. *Additional tax or shipping may be charged depending on your location. General Motors Truck Company (GMC) recently released the specs for its 2022 HUMMER EV Edition 1, the first electric vehicle to include the company’s all-new Ultium 24-module battery system. share. SONDORS X Specifications · Tires26 x 4. 5Ah Li-ion battery with Panasonic® cells Range: 25-40 miles* Speed: Up to 20 mph Charging: 3A Smart Charger Included Throttle: Thumb Wheels: Aluminum Rims Gears: 7-speed With Grip Shifter Seat: Premium Ergonomic Gel Frame: Forged Aluminum Oct 05, 2020 · SONDORS seems to be splitting the difference with a less common 24″ wheel diameter. 00. SONDORS' three-wheeled electric car costs just $10,000. Lithium Ion Battery Recharges 55% in < 19min. It’s not that the Sondors bike is fast; it’s that it’s faster. 0 to 60 mph in 5 seconds. The motor is a Bafang Ultra with a 48V 21ah Battery. on Kickstarter! Become part of the eBike community that has taken the industry by Storm at an unbelievable price of only $499 for a limited time! Oct 12, 2018 · Sondors don’t come with a chaincover but it comes with double layer crank. BUY NOW - https://goo. They  All three It remains to be seen how well the bike will perform out in the wild but by specs alone it's impressive. The Sondors Kickstarter project had gotten nearly 2,000 backers, and by the time I heard about their very nicely priced fat tire ebike -- $694 with shipping -- there were many thousands in use and mostly favorable Dec 17, 2020 · I have a new in box Sondors Fold XS electric bike. Additionally, the 8. AVAILABLE IN TORCH. In fact, it's so easy that after a month the bike became my favorite form of transportation. The hope is that it will galvanize folks to invest in the company, so it can make a fully functional production model. Description and specs from website: The folding bike everyone’s been waiting for has been taken to the extreme. Before we announced this big news, we wanted to ensure we had something more substantial to share, such as these design progress visuals and key features further down. This rear-hub eBike features both pedal assist and throttle assist, allowing you to have motor assistance up to 20 MPH. with this capacity of one kWh, the bikes should be able to Oct 01, 2020 · Sondors Fold XS eBike Review 2020 The 2020 Sondors Fold XS is a $1,700 dollar eBike that is fun for commuting in the cities, riding on mountain bike trails, and riding on loose paths near the ocean alike. Sondors come with a standard solid fork. Today we have the most diverse lineup of e-bikes so that everyone can find a SONDORS that's right for them and we have the best and the biggest community of riders in the world. Other than its weight, riding the bike is effortless. We have designed some cool tools to compare electric vehicles. Here are some of the top-line specs for each bike. Use this and your stock sondors battery on the same ride (switch them out when one dies) Get better performance and 50 percent more range; Only 6 pounds (lighter than stock pack) Made up of 40 Premium Panasonic Cells; High performance BMS 25amp continuous and 50 amp burst BMS; Battery Measurements: 12. Lithium Ion battery with 75, 150, and 200 mile range. This is a very high quality electric bike. I purchased 2 of these bikes and it's to bike for my wife to ride. To my suprise, it performs about the same as every other commercial ebike on the market for under $2,500. Your rear axle and components can become misaligned by normal use. Dec 03, 2017 · Earlier this year, the SONDORS Electric Car Company used crowdfunding to raise over $1 million to build a prototype of its revolutionary three-seat, three-wheel, all-electric vehicle. Check out how we've lowered our prices to fuel this mission! SONDORS. SONDORS X 48V 17. The same head-turning Original design fitted with a powerful 500 watt motor and a 48V 17. Apr 01, 2019 · Compare top hub motors of 2020. White pics are just so you could see it folded. Spokes: Chrome. From the original Sondors fat e-bike, Thin, or Fold models, including 7 and X variants, we can make sure your battery has fresh, grade A cells for a longer, more powerful ride and longer life overall. Sondors launched the bike in February 2015 after highly successful campaigns on crowdfunding sites Kickstarter and Indiegogo. m, providing ideal power for e-bikes! Powerful and efficient, this motor comes with a freewheel 7 speed multi gear Shimano MF-TZ21 14-28T. What other ebike can you compare it to? I wish they would offer a regular deposit vs a deposit to finance. Introducing SONDORS MXS, the hardtail electric mountain bike SONDORS lovers have been longing for. The Sondors Rockstar is the one full-suspension bike within the trio, providing 150 mm of rear journey, a “bespoke cast and machined aluminum alloy body”, and a high velocity of no less than 28 mph (45 km/h). The three bikes within the Sondors Elite lineup embody the Sondors Rockstar, Sondors Cruiser, and Sondors LX. Sondors THIN reached 50 percent of the funding target on Indiegogo within two hours. Specs. </p><p>Super powerful. SONDORS MXS –– so you can crush your greatest climb. They have also changed the freewheel and grip shifter to an 11 speed cassette and thumb shifter. It is misleading to let the press and potential buyers to ride around on a prototype bike that was pumping out 4X as much power as the production bike will have. 2018. Used (normal wear), Brand new in a box electric bike Sondors electric bike ( THIN MODEL ) FREE ASSEMBLY & delivery Sondors thin electric bike SONDORS Thin Specifications * Motor 350 WATT * Controllor 15 AMP * Battery 36V 10. . 9" · Total Weight67 lbs · Standover Height30” · Load Capacity300 lbs · *All range estimates are contingent upon rider and  SONDORS ThinSpecifications · Tires28x1. Engineered from the ground up to rock the trail. Bicycles don’t emit noxious greenhouse gases like a car or motorcycle, nor do they burn expensive A reduction ratio of 1: 5 and a maximum torque of 80 N. The new RadRover 5 seamlessly blends rugged capabilities and exceptional comfort. The company was founded in 2015 and was originally dedicated to electric bikes, with over 95,000 happy users. Oddly people are throwing money at the high risk investment with no real finalized specifications and validated proof of concept. On the surface, the moped is either a motorcycle you can pedal or a bicycle with an engine strapped to it. Opt for the top-of The Sondors “Thin” Battery The battery case in the center of the frame triangle was a distinctive feature of the first Sondors fatbike, and it is prominently used here too. 8 Amp-hour battery, and single-speed running gear. 5Ah Li-ion battery with Panasonic® cells * Range 25-40 miles* * Speed Up to 20 mph * Charging 3A Smart Charger * Throttle Thumb * Wheels Aluminum Rims * Gears 7-speed With Sondors Specifications Motor500 WATT. Where do you put them? A major part of designing a great driving experience is determining how and where such a dense mass is placed. Best and Most detailed review of e-bike hub motors; Bafang, Dapu, Hengtai, Shengyi and more. We go the extra mile to provide premium electric bikes at an affordable price. To hit 20 mph on a regular bike, you’d SONDORS Thin - purchased new August 2019 Specifications: Motor: 350 WATT Controllor 15 AMP Battery: 36V 10. 36V/48V 25A Sondors Motor Controller for Triangle Batteries- FREE SONDORS Fold XS Specifications Motor 750 WATT Controller 20 AMP Battery 48V 14Ah Lithium-ion battery with Panasonic® cells Range 40-60 miles* Speed Up to 20 mph Charging Includes 3A Smart Charger Included Throttle 100% electric ride Brakes Hydraulic with 180mm discs Suspension Adjustable Air Shocks Wheels Aluminum rims, front hub with sealed bearings Crank Set Five years ago, I prioritize making this technology accessible. But why? The main reason is the very low price. Rims: 26 in x 4 in, pinned construction [Source: Lon McClure, Sondors Storm Owners Group, Facebook]. They even The Sondors bike stock will put out 450 watts, which is enough to easily get the bike up to its 20-MPH cut off. Offers both pedal assist & throttle! Buy Now, Limited Quantity. Sondors Specifications Motor500 WATT. Fat tires ride over anything. 0 to 60 Mph in 5-8 seconds. Available in multiple battery options, customer can choose 75, 150, or 200 mile range, this car can go from 0 to 60 Mph in just 5 to 8 seconds. The front brake will be on the left side of the bike when the fork and handlebars are oriented correctly. com/sondors/mxs/ The MXS is a bold and powerful mountain bike spin on the classic SONDORS design, standing out  3 May 2017 PRNewswire/ -- SONDORS Premium Electric Bikes has released the most contingent upon rider and towing weight, wind-speed, and terrain. The 13 Best Electric Bikes Reviewed There are many reasons why cycling is a great way to get around. If interested leave name and phone number. Sondors bikes have come in many different variations, often with changes to plugs and connections from year to year. With 4” fat tires and a reputation for stability, our flagship ebike is perfect for off-road adventures, weekend spins around the cul de sac, and everything in between. All sold as package, not separately. To make it go, the Model Sondors has single Jun 25, 2020 · SONDORS Rockstar is a dual-suspension e-bike with huge batteries and a powerful, high-quality mid-drive motor that offers the range of up to 60 miles. 5ah battery, 25a controller, hydraulic brakes The Sondors Ebike is an electric fatbike with disc brakes, a single-speed pedal drivetrain, and 350-watt rear hub motor. Oct 03, 2015 · Sondors retains the 350W motor with a top speed of 20 mph (32 km/h) and offering a range of up to 50 miles (80 km), and it looks like these specs were good enough for more than 7,000 customers EV batteries are the heaviest part of a typical electric vehicle drivetrain. It's an easy 15 minute job to switch motors and not really any harder than changing a bicycle tire. With so many models to choose from you will want to look at three categories to narrow down which new or pre-owned SONDORS e-bike models will work for you specifically: Model Specifications - The type of model you choose will affect your final price. 10,000+ retail price Three wheels – front wheel drive Oct 05, 2015 · The larger, heavy set design of the Sondors Electric Bike makes it a beast that's ready for riding; the comfortable design, while large, can reach speeds of up to 20 mph without ever causing the rider to worry the structure can't handle it. 5 kilogrammes. 52v/16ah battery (Panasonic cells) (wt. Find nearest store, contact dealer and get the best price quote. 99. Easy pedal assist with 5 stages that you control on the LCD screen as you travel. *Add $194 for US shipping - USA only. Navigating traffic isn’t a problem in the bicycle lane, and electric bicycles have an easy time taking off from a stopped position. Don’t go by the render, the specs have changed since then. Fold XS Specifications. The MadMods is the first electric moped made by the company. So to see Sondors opening at $2000 is spectacular. · The new Sondors Rockstar,  The only Sondors bike I've seen in real life is the fat tired, triangular enclosed range with comparable specs (this part is tough since the full spec list doesn't  25 Jun 2020 SONDORS Rockstar is a dual-suspension e-bike with huge batteries and a powerful, high-quality mid-drive motor that offers the range of up to  Sondors has released the details on three new electric bikes for 2020 – the Sondors well the bike will perform out in the wild but by specs alone it's impressive. There are two wheels up front and one at the rear, and the same can be said of the seating layout in the cabin: two up front, one in the back. The brand new Sondors Rockstar, Sondors LX, and Sondors Cruiser seem to function the famed Bafang M620 mid-drive motor, also referred to as the Bafang Extremely, which is thought to place out greater than 1,500W of energy and a stump-pulling 160Nm of torque. Its load capacity is 136 kilograms , almost double that of any electric bike on the market, it can even pull a small trailer. Sondors is currently taking orders. Dec 15, 2020 · SONDORS Electric Bike Fold XS in white- Just like new, brand new electric battery and charger. FORK. These non-toxic solutions provide exceptional resistance to alkalis and acids and weathering. 5Ah Li-ion battery with Panasonic® cells Range: 25-40 miles* Speed: Up to 20 mph Charging: Sondors. 9lbs) High Torque 750 watt Bafang Motor (cassette version!) 25A KT Motor Controller Torque Sensing Bottom Bracket and Throttle Frame and Suspension High Quality, inverted suspension fork now standard (Through A If you buy it from Sondors you pay $1699 plus $199 for rack, fenders, and custom bag pus $147 tax so it’s $2045 out the door plus you have to wait a few weeks to get it once you order it. $1,599. How much lighter is the Aluminum Frame? The lightweight aluminum frame weighs approximately 43 lbs without the battery, which is 6 lbs lighter than the original. Although we have tried to create plug and play versions for each bike, please read descriptions carefully as some may require extensions or different parts to be fully compatible. Two front seats and one back seat. As currently contemplated, further specifications include: • Rear wheel drive with  31 Jan 2020 Ebike brand Sondors has lowered prices by as much as one-third in a new campaign called “Electric For Everyone. This amount is due by December 1, 2018. In 2017 SONDORS Electric Car Company raised just over $1 million through equity crowdfunding to build a concept prototype. Price is now $2599. Comes with the charger and a set of two keys with ID code on keychain. Click "Add to Cart". We'll have the full specs in the written review of course, but yeah, very approachable. Comes with charger and battery key… Enjoy this well-built exceptional bike. Regenerative Braking. 4 Nov 2019 Further questions were raised about the weight and performance specs of the bike which were eventually updated on Indiegogo to include a  SONDORS founder, Storm Sondors continues to be driven by the mission to An affordable, light weight, single speed electric bike launched on Indiegogo  Wheels.  (Larger battery to handle the current draw is recommended) Sondor produces foam products that have been manufactured using high-quality ingredients with options between cross-linked, closed cell and expanded Polyethylene foams. 57 × 32 × 10 in. 40-60 mile range per charge. Specs Features Applications Sondor's SVA 33 has been successfully evaluated by the SABS against the requirements of ISO 12402-7: 2007 section 4. Also, there is a cut-off point where when you reach a certain point, the engine will disengage yourself, and you'll go back to the pedaling once again. 1 day ago Look Here; If this is what you have some functions either are different or not available on the Sondors Supplied LCD depending on the features  20 Jul 2020 Don't go by the render, the specs have changed since then. Today, SONDORS Original is still the most celebrated electric bike in the country. By pdxteriors. The color is Torch (burnt orange). "In every corner of the globe, we’ve made Electric For Everyone, and now I’m calling on you to join us in our mission to reach a fleet of 100,000 in 2020. The all-electric Hummer will also feature on- and off-road capabilities as well as a three-motor Ultium Drive system. 75" · Total Weight56. Thanks to the power of the sun, the dream of driving for more miles with less carbon, materials, and energy from the grid is now a reality. Order Now. 4Ah battery with LG Cells and buried USB port; Digital display including speed, battery, assist level and more Sondors electric bike. This bike features Bafang's 750W motor, 48V 17. The motor is swap-able to the Sondors 350w & 500w Bafang hub motor case and requires no re-lacing of the wheel. The moped has a powerful 21 Ah Lithium battery for a driving range of 60 miles. Sep 20, 2017 · So my wallet stayed put, at least until Brian Strong (of tricked-out P47 fame) told me about the Sondors phenomenon last July. A SONDORS electric bike can go twenty miles to a charge, and fifty miles with pedal assist. Oct 07, 2016 · Meet the Model Sondors: a decently-styled, three-wheel EV with seating for three and a $10,000 price tag from the newly-formed Sondors Electric Car Company. Proven, effective cell technology will be used in a floor mounted configuration with easy serviceability. The MadMods is an innovative electric moped from electric bike manufacturer SONDORS from California, USA. It features a rigid fork and hardtail, so there’s no suspension other than Oct 05, 2020 · SONDORS MadMods is a premium moped style e-bike defined by customization. Sondors indicates that they are running 25A controllers, which would limit the motors to around 1,200W – a figure that is still quite powerful for anything with pedals. Sep 22, 2015 · The Sondors Electric Bike Is fitted with a powerful 350 Watt motor together with all-terrain tyres that make it capable of reaching speeds up to 20 miles per hour. Only done 400 miles. The unicorn of electric bikes does exist. gl/7DFBCL… The Sondors, still named for it’s creator “Storm Sondors”, remained interesting due to its extremely aggressive opening price point of $499 plus $194 shipping and the controversial claim that it was the “worlds most affordable electric bike” despite the thousands of ebikes sold in China annually for under $300 USD… Yay for marketing! Your newly designed Sondors eBike has narrower all-terrain tires, a 350 watt motor, Samsung cell lithium ion rechargeable battery, 30-50 mile range*, 20 mph speed, and all the awesome features of original Sondors eBike. With a low center of gravity and two wheels in the front, it shouldn't topple over The Sondors Rockstar is the one full-suspension bike within the trio, providing 150 mm of rear journey, a “bespoke cast and machined aluminum alloy body”, and a high pace of no less than 28 mph (45 km/h). The Rockstar is priced at $2,599 however may be pre-ordered with a $299 deposit. The site is unlocked and don’t have to enter a phone number anymore. SONDORS Fold XS Specifications Motor 750 WATT Controller 20 AMP Battery Here are the specs including his custom upgrades: Sondors electric bike. Sondors has announced the creation of the Sondors Electric Car Company, which he says will sell an electric-powered, aluminum-bodied, three-passenger, enclosed reverse trike with a variety of battery pack options that offer 50 to 200 miles of range. Since he has carried on and with his line of supply in place can pretty much build any cheap bike he Oct 06, 2016 · Yeah, I agree. sondorselectriccar. 5 Li-ion battery. SONDORS proprietary, lithium-ion battery and all-aluminum frame, make Thin the perfect mode of transportation for the daily commuter or weekend adventurer in you. 5 inch tires, seven speed multipurpose E bike. Bike sells for $1699 plus $100 shipping on the Sondors website. </p><p>This is a US bike so not road legal here in the uk. With all of the advances of 3D modeling with surfacing and complex curvature, we now make an attractive package, write up a spec sheet and then go to work on making those specs a reality. With these funds, we will begin developmental work on the pre-series vehicle, the bridge between our functional prototype and production. 8 which details the requirements for Personal Floatation Device Materials and Com Dec 01, 2017 · Sondors plans to incorporate all the comfort and safety features you would expect on a modern vehicle – air conditioning, power windows, airbags, traction and stability control, etc. And, with speeds up to 20 mph, SONDORS X is sure to add smiles to your miles. This is Aug 03, 2020 · TOOLS TO COMPARE ELECTRIC VEHICLES. Elio, Solo, SRK and Sondors all fit the bill for that. First of all, it’s a great deal greener than using a car. Keep in mind, we don't know what the final specs will be until after the SONDOR'S Engineering Builds are tested and the final specs are locked in. Introducing the Sinch - the most versatile folding fatbike on the market. Another interest addition to the SONDORS MadMods is a high capacity 48V and 21Ah battery pack. Color. Most Bafang Extremely-powered e-bikes begin effectively north of $3,000. 2 million through its most recent Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, up and coming cycling company Sondors announced the launch of its new Sondors Fold It's a small-name folding bike that I can't pull the specs on. This is making chain stay in position rather than protecting your pants. 5ah battery Thumb Throttle and Pedal Assist Front and Rear LED lights Rear Rack and fenders included 7 speed Shimano Shifter Rider Weight Capacity: Up to 330 lbs Etrike weight: 82 lbs Measurements: 31'' width, Sep 23, 2020 · <p>Due to the high volume of questions I have added two extra pictures with specifications of the bike included. I was sure I was going to buy one, but like any big ticket item, I research the hell out of them before I plunk down hard earned cash. _____ A Little History. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. 4 Feb 2019 model SONDORS is a three-wheeled electric car that costs just $10000 details/ spec and some decent pics please feel free to e-mail moi… 15 May 2020 https://electricbikereview. Black, Gold. These new e-bikes are nothing of the type. Securities Offered: Maximum of 83,333 shares of common stock ($999,996). Com Please text or email. These are unique keys for only this battery. Previously, Sondors Sondors MadMods Customizable Mopeds. Sondors Electric Car Company (“Sondors” or the “Company”) has designed and is developing an. Designed to perform. Sadly, it doesn't have the same  16 Nov 2020 expensive than popular brands like VanMoof, Rad Power Bikes, Sondors, and others. The battery is a lithium-ion one and can work on Panasonic, LG or Samsung cells. When I first rode a Sondors, I actually expected it to be a slug (from everything I read and heard). Convenient Charge Port support 4A faster charge specifications FRAME Carbon fiber frame, 26"x4" compatible, Tapered headtube design, mid kickstand mount, mid drive motor layout Oct 3, 2015 - Explore Go Sondors's board "#GoSondors Updates" on Pinterest. Granite silver with blue steel rims and accents. At every angle, it’s all SONDORS, and extreme in every way. Storm Sondors, the man peddling the e-bike, has already faced criticism for changing the specs on what he calls “the Tesla of e-bikes The Sondors (previously Storm) eBike held its first demo day in Santa Monica, California yesterday. 300 mile range. See complete specifications & details at Sondors. Morning custom rebike The moped has a 750 watt electric motor in the rear wheel for a top speed of 31 mph. Sondors will build their 2nd prototype for performance and handling testing in 2018. sondors we ALWAYS dispatch your items within 24 HOURS! And it’s not the only sketchy thing about this campaign. Sondors hasn’t released a range estimate yet, but that large 1 kWh battery pack is sure to result in extended riding times. Here are the specs from Sondors: Motor 750 WATT GenZe e-Bikes are different for a few reasons: There’s a throttle and pedal-assist option (many e-Bikes offer only pedal-assist) The motor is in the back, which provides a gentle push and a more balanced ride (other options have it in the front, pulling you forward) Apr 21, 2017 · The Sondors Kickstarter project had gotten nearly 2,000 backers, and by the time I heard about their very nicely priced fat tire ebike -- $694 with shipping -- there were many thousands in use and mostly favorable reviews (like here, here, and here). It's ok to gamble, but one can't be surprised and or disappointed if they lose. 5 amp-hour) and a Shimano 7-speed gear addition. Proven, effective cell technology will be used in a flo Dec 18, 2017 · A closer look at the 2019 Sondors EV prototype. com Uber is jumping on the dockless Bike, but only for people in this city Hallomotor High Power Sine Wave 3000W-5000W 100A Ebike Programmable Intelligent Controller with TFT750C Color Display Sep 29, 2015 · Armed with a 350-watt electric motor, the Sondors can hit top speeds of 20 mph, with a battery that provides range of up to 50 miles (more realistically, it’s probably about half of that). Fully loaded with impeccable components, clean lines, and lightweight design. Electric vehicle range and the accompanying range anxiety become the focal point of nearly every discussion when a new player enters the EV market. Charging3A Smart Charger Included. ST, XR. due to the high volume of questions i have added two extra pictures with specifications of the bike included. The $100 reservation fee is fully refundable. We aren’t reinventing the wheel to get there. com This Annual Report is dated May 31, 2018. " – Storm Sondors. Jul 25, 2017 · Guaranteed to be a real Bafang 8Fun Geared 750Watt motor and mine will pull 1400 + watts . 👑 Shop SONDORS here 👉 https://bit. Proceed to checkout. SONDORS EV challenges the design and engineering of traditional vehicles: Three wheels - front wheel drive. Sondors indicates that they are running 25A controllers, which would limit the motors to around 1,200W – a Aptera is the first electric/ solar vehicle that requires no charging for most daily use. SONDORS Fold X has a 48V 14 Ah battery, that nearly doubles your range, and paired with a 500W motor offers extreme torque, towing capacity, and hill-climbing power. But it is a nice well thought feature. Push button start. Apr 06, 2019 · Rattan hit all of these pain points with upgraded specs: 350W rear hub motor; 36V, 10. May 20, 2011 · Sondors was the first ebike that I found that made me sit up and realize just how affordable ebikes had become. Apply your SONDORS XS $500 Deposit / Gift Card Code. 138. 3. Some models are basic, and some come with more features. sondors specs

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